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 Lessons Learned From Middle School (Part Two)

October 19, 2012


Welcome back to my reflection on my recent adventures in middle school. In our last article I made some general observations about the events and discussed some special challenges faced when trying to keep an audience attentive and engaged. Today we look at some possible approaches to those challenges.  full article >>


 Lessons Learned From Middle School (Part One)

October 10, 2012


This writing is a little different than past articles hosted by the Sutton Law Office. Today I plan to recap my recent adventures into Metro-Atlanta area middle schools and what I think we can learn from those experiences.  full article >>


 Effectively Preparing for Mediation

July 13, 2012


Nearly all contested divorce or custody cases go to mediation.  This is a good thing, as mediation is very successful. However, because mediation is such an informal process, many parties and sometimes even attorneys do not prepare for mediation as well as they should.  Below are some tips on how to effectively prepare for your mediation session.  full article >>


 Getting the Most From Your GAL: Working with a Guardian Ad Litem

May 1, 2012


In custody cases that are especially combative, it is common for a judge to appoint a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL). The role of a Guardian Ad Litem is to assist the court in its determination of custody, visitation, and other issues related to the well-being of a child. Below are a few tips on how to work with a GAL in a positive productive manner.   full article >>


 New Divorce Options for the New Year

January 9, 2012


In our last article, we examined one alternative to the traditional divorce process: Pre-Divorce Mediation. Today we take a look at a few other options worth your consideration if you face divorce in the future. Before beginning however, please remember that these alternatives are not appropriate for every case and local court rules may modify or restrict what is available in your county.  full article >>


 Pre-Divorce Mediation

November 20, 2011


Divorce is very often an extremely difficult and costly experience to endure, which is why many people look for any way to avoid the traditional approach to divorce.  Many wish to save money by filing an uncontested divorce but cannot because of disagreement on issues such as custody and alimony.  Pre-Divorce Mediation may be the viable alternative people are waiting for.  full article >>


 The Child's Choice: How Age of Election Works in Georgia

September 20, 2011


Today's article focuses on one aspect of child custody: the child's preference regarding which parent he or she lives with. Many parents believe that a child always has the freedom to choose, but that is not true. Georgia law is a little more complicated regarding this issue. In short, Georgia custody law varies the degree that a child's election impacts custody depending on the age of the child.  full article >>


 How to Negotiate Better in Three Steps (Part Three)

August 4, 2011


This is the conclusion of our three part series of articles on negotiating better. Today we focus on the negotiation itself and the benefits of a collaborative brainstorming approach. Brainstorming is the process where the participants in the negotiation actively try to develop possible resolutions. To fully utilize brainstorming, the participants should work together and attempt to create an atmosphere conductive to generating ideas. This involves turning a traditionally combative process into a collaborative process.  full article >>


 How to Negotiate Better in Three Steps (Part Two)

June 6, 2011


This is part two of a three part series of articles on negotiating better. In the last article we examined step one in our efforts to be a better negotiator – developing a backup plan. Today we examine the necessity and importance of step two – gathering information. The phrase "gathering information" refers to more than just basic pre-negotiation research. It involves actively searching for helpful data before and during the negotiation.  full article >>


  How to Negotiate Better in Three Steps (Part One)

May 6, 2011


When many people think of negotiation, they picture big business mergers, world summits, and lawsuits. The truth is that negotiation is part of everyone's lives in some form or fashion and through education and practice we can all become better negotiators. In the following three part series, we summarize the most popular conflict resolution theories into three basic steps that anyone can use in almost any situation.  full article >>


 Parenting Plan: What it is and How it Works

January 14, 2011


In 2008 Georgia began requiring that divorcing parents with minor children file a Parenting Plan with the court. Failure to file this Plan can now result in a denial of the divorce. The Georgia Parenting Plan outlines the future parental relationship between divorcing parents and covers many issues relating to custody such as the visitation schedule, authority to make decisions regarding the child, access to the child's records, and much more.  full article >>